Monday, 21 March 2011

Book Review: King's X Episode 2: Revelations by Stephen Harper

King's X Episode 2: RevelationsI reviewed the first short story in the series - Visions - last month, and was determined not to leave it too long to continue the story. Again the tale moves around in time, set in part during the Crusades and partly in  late 20th century LA. The threads of Visions are picked up and as well as rediscovering characters like Book and Sebastian we meet new ones.

It seemed to move between the two periods less and spend more time on each part of the story in turn. The pace of this book wasn't quite as relentless as the first, possibly in part because of this. There isn't a lot of action at all in LA, especially when compared with Episode 1. Instead Book encounters Jacob and John, who are in a position to provide the revelations of the title. Whether Book will listen to what they have to say is another thing entirely though. I had no problem with this change of pace as I found out so much more of the background to Kings X and why the various events are happening.

Again this was well proof-read and edited. Although the hook that was drawing me in last time - finding out what the great mystery was - has largely gone with some of the big questions answered, I'm finding myself wanting to move onto Episode 3 as Harper has set up a new set of questions as a result of the revelations made. This series in particular has made me very pleased that I opened my mind to short stories when I got my kindle, having never really been a fan before. I'll have to fit the next episode in soon!

Format: Kindle, review copy
My rating: 4*


Stephen T. Harper said...

So glad you are enjoying it! Thanks so much again for reading and providing these thoughtful reviews!

It's interesting for me to read how you are seeing the two halves of the big picture coming together. The pacing does change a bit, as you say. I try to make sure that one of the two storylines carries the action while the other reveals more of the story. In Episode 2, Broussard, Khali and Shahin step it up, while Detective Book gets a moment to catch his breath and try to figure out what is happening to him.

The idea is that, you will be taken deeper and deeper into the mystery with new tantalizing bits of information, but never be able to stop turning pages because something big (either major action or a major revelation) is always one chapter away.

But if you want action and suspense, I hope you'll keep reading! Personally, I think all four are good for different reasons. "Shepherds" is the most emotional and internal of the episodes, but the conclusion, "Thieves," is explosive and probably the best one of the bunch.

The first cycle of 4 is a big story, but it's really just getting started. Tip of the iceberg, you know.

Thanks very much again! It's a fantastic feeling to see people enjoying my books! Steve

TC said...

Hi Steve, thanks for posting and giving me and readers of the blog more of an insight. I'm going to have to motor my way through and get to Thieves then!