Friday, 26 August 2011

Meme time

Wow, I'm a bit behind schedule today! A morning round a friend's turned into a day out at the aquarium. Monkey had a definite affinity for dogfish and I was envious of the divers in the big tank. As is normal when we go to places like that we have come home with a cute new book for her.

Somehow, after another crazy week, I have almost finished the book I am reading so expect a new review tomorrow. Since last week I have completed:

A Selection of Meats & Cheeses by Danny Gillan, a short story anthology
The Wrinkly by Paul Collis, a comedy
Formed of Clay by Thea Atkinson, historical fiction, and
Stress Proof Your Elisabeth Wilson, a self-help kinda thang.

Book Blogger HopOver at Webbiegrrl's Writings Sarah has some really interesting looking free reads, so take a look if you're after some inspiration or some free e-books in time for the holidays.

At it's Book Blogger Hop time, and this week we've got a non-book related question to answer. Simply, do you have pets?

Yep, over the years I've had all manner of pets but now living in a flat we're a bit limited so we just have 2 budgies (parakeets) called Blue and Bumble. I used to think they were old people's pets but I was very wrong, they are great fun and real little characters.

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