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On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia by J A Clement

 I read and reviewed the first book in this series The Lady just over a year ago so it was good to find time to see where the story was heading, as it had ended at a climactic moment. This novella picks up where the first left off, but to avoid creating a spoiler for anyone who plans to read the first book I'll keep it vague.
On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia
The mood in Scarlock is changing; fear now mingles with hope. Moneylender Copeland is showing signs of becoming ever more unpredictable and he is now turning on even those closest to him. However Nereia and sister Mary have given the town a tiny spark of hope and feeling against him is gathering momentum. Unfortunately the people now also have to contend with an army amassing in the town, on the tail of The Mother of Shantari, guard and guide to her people. When Nereia is offered the chance to help banish the darkness by her other self she has to consider at what cost?

This instalment reveals more of the forces at play in and around Scarlock, and reintroduces lots of the characters from the first book. Blakey receives a lot of attention in this book, which I appreciated as he is a character who is being pulled in different directions and is dealing with a lot of internal conflict. The mood remains dark and oppressive, and the story is as gritty as the first book. It does contain violence and details the effects of Copeland's deadly drug Angel Feathers, which we find out more about the production of. 

I wish I hadn't taken so long to get around to reading this, as I found myself spending a bit of time scratching my head trying to remember some of the finer details. I'm very glad to hear that the author is planning to release the novellas in one book in the future, as I think it will improve the reader's experience. My previous review was critical of the point as which the first book ended and this would address that issue.

This author has a writing style that I enjoy, and in places her use of language and her descriptions really hit the mark. I'll definitely read the third book and  would just suggest that if the series appeals you try and read the separate parts close together to appreciate it more fully.

Format: Kindle, review copy
Publisher: Weasel Green Press
My Rating:3*

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