Monday, 18 July 2011

Airshow shopping

Soldier I (General Military)I've just spent the weekend at RIAT, apparently the largest airshow in the world. I'm a bit of an aviation fan so I'm more than happy to go along with hubby every year. For the less aviation minded there's also plenty of shopping to be done.

I even managed to come home with a new book for my TBR pile. The book is Soldier I, written by former SAS man Pete Winner, and Michael Kennedy, and it details Pete's 18 years in the elite SAS regiment, including his role in the Iranian Embassy Siege. Pete was at the show and signed the book for me, and I'm really looking forward to reading it. I have read a few military memoirs in the past, including Joint Force Harrier which I found fascinating and Eight Lives Down which was very moving, so it'll be interesting to see another perspective on military life.

I also managed to come home with a lovely piece of art to go on the wall. The Letter Art Co. uses pictures of objects that resemble letters to spell out names, surnames or any other words you might want. The selection of pictures available included some architectural and beachy ones that caught my eye so we had monkey's name done, and I love the result. It's brilliant idea for a new baby or wedding present, and I love the concept, so simple but so clever. You can mock up your own on the website, which is great and I'll be bearing them in mind when I need present ideas in future.

We did buy lots of other bits and pieces but I'd hate to confess to exactly how much (although unlike some people I wasn't buying double glazing or garden furniture) and just thought these might be of interest to readers and those who love attractive things.

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