Monday, 17 October 2011

Book Review: To Faithfully Execute - A Pug Connor Novel, Book 3 by Gordon Ryan

To Faithfully Execute (A Pug Connor Novel #3)Having previously read book 1, State of Rebellion, and book 2, Uncivil Liberties, and with the fourth book apparently due Autumn 2011 I thought it was time for me to read the third book in the series.

In the United States moves are afoot for a number of states to secede and create a new country. Many are loathe to see the USA torn apart while others are determined to break away from the burdensome central government. How far will the President go to keep the USA intact? 

Pug Connor's Trojan team is under threat as changes are made, and he is offered a new role with a clandestine multi-national organisation. They intend to combat terrorism in a way that will make him search his soul. As he finds himself moved from one new role to another he has a lot of choices to make, although he feels there is someone pulling strings behind the scenes.

Once again we meet many of the characters who feature in books 1 & 2 and find out what has happened to them since we last met. I like the continuity but also found that with references back to the earlier books this would probably work fine as on its own if you had picked it up before reading the others. The story of the secession movement that started in California really moves on and the author develops both old and new plots deftly, building to a climax that sets up the next book nicely.

I do enjoy this authors style and will be awaiting the arrival of Blood & Treasure after this deft mix of action and political manoeuvring. Largely this is a polished offering that stands up against other well known authors of similar that I have read. However there were a sprinkling of minor typos that took a little of the sparkle off. With those dealt with I think this might have been a 5* review.

Format: Kindle, bought by me
My Rating: 4*

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