Friday, 16 March 2012

TGIF again

My favourite day of the week has come around again, which means it's time for a recap of what I've reviewed and for joining in the fun with Greads. Ginger's question this week is kind of a timely one as you'll see from my answer.

Do you use Twitter or Facebook to promote your blog?  How has it benefited your book blogging experience? If not, how do you promote your blog? Share your twitter handle and/or Facebook link! 

I've been using Facebook personally for years but I only started a page for the blog very recently. I'm finding it good for sharing things that I might not necessarily want to do a whole blog post for, but that could do with more than a 140 character tweet. My page is at and if anyone wants to Like it I'd feel a little less like I'm talking to myself. 

I had never used Twitter before starting an account for the blog, and I still don't have a personal one. I do find as I follow slightly more people than I have followers that finding time to read everything on my timeline is just not possible. I'm TCBookedUp on there if you want to hunt me down.

I really like using social media, I find it easier to keep track of conversations and build relationships with people than via Comments on the blog.For anyone who hasn't tried them yet, do it!

In the past week I have reviewed:

A Summer in the High Sierra by Laurence Brauer, and

Dawn's End Poisoned by Bonnie Ferrante

I also read Enza by Kristy K James; the review for that will be coming soon as part of a blog tour.

Before I wrap this post up I wanted to let you know about the St Patrick's Day Blowout that starts today. All the following are on offer at 99c/77p until Sunday night. I have reviewed some of these authors and books in the past so there are definitely some goodies in there. Full details and links are on David Gaughran's blog, and there is a competition running to win all 30 so drop by and take a look.

Have a great weekend, 
TC x 

Michael Wallace – Devil’s Deep – Thriller (reduced from $2.99) -
Melissa Furrer Miller – Irreparable Harm – Legal Thriller (from $3.99) -
Simon Royle – Bangkok Burn – Thriller (from $3.99) -
Shaun Jeffrey – The Kult – Psychological Thriller (from $1.99) -
Christine de Maio-Rice – Dead Is The New Black – Mystery (from $3.99) -
David Gaughran – A Storm Hits Valparaiso – Historical Fiction (from $4.95)
Sam Torode – The Dirty Parts of The Bible – Literary/Historical (from $2.99) -
Sarah Woodbury – The Last Pendragon – Historical Fantasy (from $3.99) -
Phoenix Sullivan – Spoil of War – Women’s Historical (from $1.99) -
Cheryl Shireman – Life Is But A Dream – Women’s Fiction (from $2.99) -
Jennifer Blake - The Rent-A-Groom - Contemporary Romance (from $2.99) -
Tamelia Tumlin - Catering to the Italian Playboy – Cont. Romance (from $1.99)
JJ Toner – St. Patrick’s Day Special – Crime (from $2.99) -
Vicki Tyley – Thin Blood – Suspense (from $3.99) -
Mike Cooley – Crystal Warrior – Fantasy (from $3.99) -
David H. Burton – The Second Coming – Fantasy (from $4.95) -
SM Reine – Death’s Hand – Urban Fantasy (from $2.99) -
Shea MacLeod – Dragon Warrior – Urban Fantasy (from $2.99) -
Simon Royle – Tag – Technothriller (from $4.99) -
Karin Cox – Cage Life – Short Stories (from $1.99) -
Tony James Slater – That Bear Ate My Pants – Travel/Humor (from $2.99) -
David Gaughran – Let’s Get Digital – Non-Fiction (from $3.99) -
Heather Marie Adkins – Abigail – Paranormal Romance (from $2.99) -
David H. Burton – Broken – Paranormal Romance (from $4.95) -
Danielle Blanchard - Death Lair (The Vamp Saga) - Vampires! (from $2.99) -
Ben White – The Undying Apathy Of Imogen Shroud – YA Zombies! (from $3.99) -
Stephanie Abbot – Past Lives #1: Rachel – YA Steampunk (from $2.99) -
Michelle Muto – Don’t Fear The Reaper – YA Fantasy (from $2.99) -
Ben White – Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage – YA Fantasy (from $3.99) -
Sarah Billington - Life Was Cool Until You Got Popular – MG Novel (from $3.99) -
Ben Oliver– Kitt Pirate – MG Adventure (from $2.99) -


Mark Boss said...

I agree with your thoughts on Twitter. I like using Twitter, but it's hard to keep up with the flow of tweets. And since I tend to sign on during the same work hours each day, I wonder if I'm missing tweets from people in different time zones and with different schedules.

It brings to mind the whole "trying to sip from a firehose' thing.

TC said...

That's how I feel too, especially being in the UK when so many people I follow are in the US.