Sunday, 6 November 2011

2012 Challenges

I guess as November starts slipping by it is time to start thinking about 2012, and an email via Goodreads has pushed me into action.

Sarah at Workaday Reads is hosting a 2012 e-book challenge which I have decided to take part in. There are 7 levels and each month there will be a round up of books read that month. To encourage participants there will even be a grand giveaway for everyone who achieves their goal level or higher. I'm sold so I'm going to aim for level 6 - server - reading 100 e-books. I think 150 will be a bit too much of an effort!

So far this year I have read 141 books (most of them e-books) but now Monkey is getting older the amount of time I get for reading is getting less and less. I set myself a target of 110 books on Goodreads, in any format, at the start of the year and adjusted it upwards to 150 when it became obvious I would pass the original figure a few months back.

On the subject of challenges I have to get 3 more borrowed books in this year to meet my Borrowed Book Challenge. Guess I better get down the library in the morning!

Anyone else planning on any good challenges for 2012? I quite fancy a themed one, but not sure what!


Beth D. said...

I have some small ones a group of friends set out. I am going to have to look at some of the ones in 2012.

Beth ^_^

TC said...

I'm going to do a bit more hunting and try and find something a bit different for next year. Maybe I'll set myself a sport themed challenged to go with London 2012!