Friday, 4 November 2011


Life never seems to get any quieter round here, so it's a double TGIF as I now have 2 weeks off work! This week Monkey and I clocked up 6 appointments (should have been 7 but couldn't face 3 in a single day) so unfortunately not a lot of time for reading. However I did read and review The Vagabond King by James Conway. I really liked this book, although I imagine it mightn't be to everyone's taste.

Going back to the micro-volunteering that has been whirling around in my brain recently, I have sold a lot of raffle tickets for our favourite charity's Christmas raffle, and our local pub has kindly agreed to donate the proceeds of one of their fortnightly charity quizes to that same charity. This morning I had a bundle of fundraising items arrive in the post so I ought to take a look at them in a bit.

No blog hop yet, but hopefully I'll be joining in the fun later.

Have a great weekend, TC x

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