Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Looking for inspiration

The Man Booker prize is one of those prizes I've always been aware of but never paid a great deal of attention to in the past. I think to me it's one of those prizes that makes headlines very briefly, the decision is usually derided by some quarters and then it disappears from my conciousness again. I have been thinking about it this week having just read The Life of Pi, which won the prize in 2002.

Since I got my kindle I've been in a complete download frenzy, trying all sorts of books and authors I wouldn't have paid attention to before, partly based on price and partly on reviews. Now I'm running out of steam a bit, and the Amazon top 100 seems to be heavily populated by romance novels which aren't my cup of tea. As such I was thinking maybe I ought to take a look at other Booker prizewinners and expand my horizons in a different way. So, I took a look at the Booker Prize website and was a bit shocked at how few I'd read. I thought I was relatively well read but must have been deluding myself! In a way I'm pleased though as it gives me a bit of a theme, and I can now go and hunt out some winners I like the look of and intersperse them with the others I already have in my to be read stack. Anyone have any suggestions of winners they've enojyed?

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