Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Book Review: In Odder Words by E D Lindquist & Aron Christensen

In Odder Words
This book was a recent freebie that I picked up based on the short synopsis - "A thousand worlds, a thousand words." Pretty good tagline I thought! It is a book of short stories and flash fiction and as a recent convert to the short story it looked worth the space on the kindle.

The stories in the book range greatly in length, and while I thought getting as short as a kindle page and a half would be taking it too far a couple of those very short pieces were probably the ones I enjoyed the most, they were quite clever. Generally the stories had a death or fantasy theme and while I'm coming round to the idea of fantasy many of the stories with a fantasy take weren't entirely to my taste. Some of the stories link up to other books by the authors, and I imagine in a similar way to Dean Koontz and Patrick Ness releasing short stories that provide more background to their novels those would probably be a good companion to the relevant books.

There were a couple of stories that need some serious attention with missing words making sentences nonsensical, and elsewhere I spotted some missing punctuation. For a free book you can't expect too much but it doesn't make me inclined to look for other work by the authors.

The synopsis didn't reveal much about the style of the stories so it was always going to be a bit of a punt. I enjoyed some of the tales, wasn't keen on others and wasn't very impressed by the quality of proofreading in yet others so overall it was ok. At least it didn't cost me anything and it kept me amused for a while.

Format: Kindle, freebie
My Rating: 2*

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll at least see what I can do about the proofreading issues.