Friday, 13 May 2011

Book Review: Royal Wisdom by Kate Petrella

                                                                                I Royal Wisdomchecked the product info for this kindle book earlier and was shocked when I saw the current kindle price of nearly £5! If I had paid that much for it I'd have given it just one star I'd have been that hacked off. I picked this up when it was free as a couple of the quotes mentioned in the synopsis amused me and I've always been a closet Prince Philip fan.

Yes, this book has some fun quotes included, and yes there were some I wasn't familiar with. I hadn't really appreciated how good a (dry) sense of humour Anne and Charles have before either. But, and this is a big but, it is a short book. By the time you have taken out about a quarter of the length for a list of sources and probably the same again for illustrations of various things British and regal you are left with maybe half an hour of reading if you're lucky. Some of the quotes, especially Sarah Ferguson's were quite repetitive, saying the same thing slightly differently and some just weren't very interesting. It also missed some of my fave Prince Philip gaffes, and it really could have done with them. It was also have been better if the quotes at least had the year they were from to give some context. Looking at the sources most people reading this probably could have compiled the quotes online themselves in very little time and saved themselves the money.

This book gave me a few chuckles and as a free book it was ok, but had I paid more than about the 70p you can pick up a lot of great short stories for I'd have been seriously disappointed.

Format: Kindle, freebie
My Rating: 2*

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