Sunday, 15 May 2011

So Excited!

Before anyone starts reading this expecting it to be book related I'm afraid it's not, well apart from a couple of tenuous links. It's not the imminent release of a book by a favourite author or getting into the top 1000 new reviewers on Amazon that has got me hopping up and down. Nope, it's diving. Scuba diving to be more precise.

I learnt to dive almost exactly 7 years ago, with my boyfriend (now husband) We've been fortunate enough to dive in some really lovely places, as well as off the coast near our home but being pregnant put a real spanner in the works. Baby on the way? No diving! Then there was the recovery from having a caesarian, then getting used to being a parent, and finally general wimpiness at the thought of getting into water that was less than 10 degrees hot (or more to the point cold) But, now we're thinking of visiting our fave holiday spot in the autumn and we're planning on diving again. Having had such a long break we're in need of a refresher, but rather than wait until we're on our hols I've gone and booked myself on a course locally. Yeay! It sounds terrible but I'm thinking it'll be one of the only times and places I'll just be me, rather than a mummy, it's proper grown up escapism.

I've been having fun this afternoon rummaging, searching for various bits of kit (and believe me there is a lot of it) and generally getting myself worked up about it. I forgot just how many items of gear we'd collated, I could probably stock a small dive centre. My pool dive is a week Tuesday, so not long to wait, then I can get back in the sea. Watch out marine life of Devon!

Oh and a couple of tenuous reading links to justify this post on my book blog - I won't be reviewing it but there will be a PADI manual involved, and far more interesting, I've been reading excerpts of my dive log detailing all my previous dives. It's brought back all sorts of memories and made me laugh, it's a bit like keeping a diary but with only good stuff in. Are there any other book blogging divers out there? Where did you last dive?

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