Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Puzzlebook; 100 Puzzle Quizzes by the Grabarchuk Family

And now for something a bit different! I used to love logic problem books so when I saw this I was looking forward to exercising the old grey matter and seeing how something like this would work on the kindle.
The book includes 100 puzzles ranging from 1* to 5* difficulty level, starting off easy and getting harder. The puzzles test different areas including visual, spatial and counting skills. After the puzzle is a number of different answers. You use the controller (or touchscreen) to select the answer but only the correct one will take you to the solution page. That page then has a link back to that puzzle or the next one. 

Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes (color and interactive!)On the topic of the puzzles I thought it included a good range, and it soon became clear which areas I definitely don't excel in! Some of the puzzles I found simple even at the higher difficulty, while others had me baffled even at what should have been simple levels. From this perspective I would have also appreciated an additional "I don't have a clue" link to also take the reader to the solution. Most of the solution pages showed clearly how the answer was achieved, but there were a couple that could have done with some more explanation.

With regard to the way the book works I thought the navigation was easier than I had expected and as a concept it worked much better than I had anticipated. I haven't looked at it on anything other than the kindle but it is apparently in full colour for Kindle Fire folk and those who use the various apps. I didn't find working in shades of grey any hindrance though.

This is the sort of book it would be great to have on the kindle for short trips or times when you can't quite get into a novel, and if you're the sort of person who looks out the puzzles that appear in newspapers with the crosswords you might want to consider this and the other books in the series. 

Format: Kindle, review copy
Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles
My Rating: 3*

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