Friday, 27 April 2012

World Book Night 2012

Had it not been for my appalling internet problems this week I would have provided a more timely piece on Monday's World Book Night event here in my small Devonshire town. For weeks the library had been advertising a book swap event, handily taking part in my local pub. As it's on my doorstep it would have been rude not to have turned up. I didn't apply to give away books though because I couldn't decide which one of the books on the list I would want to give away!

I headed off armed with a book to swap. Coincidentally it was The Player of Games by Iain M Banks, which was on the list. I walked into a pub that made me feel like a kid in a sweet shop. There were loads of books, some withdrawn from the library (I used to pick up loads of cheap books that way back when I was younger) and others that had come from the pub's small lending library and other swappers. I was told they had done a brisk trade earlier in the evening and had been particularly inundated by children early in the evening. I was so pleased to hear the event was being well attended and those running it have suggested as it was so successful they would like to run them on a regular basis.

What the Ladybird HeardThe Resurrectionist So what did I come away with? The Resurrectionist by James Bradley. I was prepared to pretend I hadn't seen the sticker on the front touting it as a Richard & Judy's Summer Read pick; I have about as much luck with those as I do with Booker Prize Winners, but now looking at some of the reviews on Goodreads I'm wondering if I should have picked something else. The saving grace might be the gift copy of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens I was handed when I arrived. I haven't read much Pratchett but always hear great things and I'm looking forward to reading it.

I think World Book Night (and World Book Day last month) are a great idea. Sharing a love of reading is a great thing. My daughter enjoys What the Ladybird Heard, which I got her as a free gift and I've hopefully got at least one good read out of the night.


Ratan Kaul said...


It's great to see your blog, with a very impressive and useful content. Wish you all the best.

Ratan Kaul
Author of Wings of Freedom

Mark Boss said...

Funny you mention about prize winning books. I've never had much luck with them either. I wonder if the judges are overwhelmed with choices and end up skimming through them.

Or perhaps the judges have read so much they're jaded, as they often pick some pretty strange books. Either way, the 'prize winner' tag usually sends me running in the opposite direction.

TC said...

Thanks Ratan!

Mark, it's something I should have learnt by now, and R&J make me particularly nervous (although that might be a hint of book snob rearing her head)I'll have to get to it sooner than later and see for myself.