Monday, 26 September 2011

Book Review: Space by Emily Sue Harvey

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Although it isn't one of the main genres I read I do enjoy inspirational fiction now and then, and when I had the opportunity to take part in Emily Sue Harvey's blog tour for her book Space I was keen to review the book.

Dan and Deede Stowe are a solid couple who have raised their much desired miracle daughter Faith and are now looking forward to reaping the rewards of their hard work and enjoying retirement together. These plans go very much awry when their  recovering drug addict Faith moves back in with them. She is divorced with a daughter of her own and for reasons incomprehensible to her parents has spiralled into an addiction that has nearly killed her more than once.

Dan and Deede are both religious and find strength in their faith. However they find themselves with opposing views on how to deal with their daughter, her unreasonable behaviour, the financial burden, the impact of the stress on their health and the loss of their own space. What should they do to save their daughter, and themselves?

I found this a very moving story that painted a picture of a devoted couple who should be relaxing and enjoying life instead having to fund and support Faith to try and stop her killing herself. There is no graphic details of her drug use, and in this case what is unsaid is almost as powerful. I thought that while some might find the religious aspect a little off-putting for me the fact they had both their faith and a very supportive family to fall back on yet still struggled to cope highlighted how difficult a situation it must be. It must be any parent's nightmare and I found it hard to put down as I wanted to find out how it turned out for their family. Most of the story is told from Deede's viewpoint, but there are some parts written from Faith's perspective to help her mother understand why she became an addict. This was a really clever device and helped me as a reader get a better idea of how they found themselves where they did.

This was a touching yet enjoyable read and I'll be looking up the author's other books.

Format: Paperback, review copy
My Rating: 4*

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