Thursday, 15 September 2011

Book Swap Launched

I was excited earlier when I saw that newspaper The Guardian has launched a six week autumn books season and will be, in its own words " setting 15,000 titles free in the wild this weekend" Publishers and authors have provided the books, which are to be left in public places for people to find and enjoy. More details are available in this article on the website.

Guardian and Observer books season 2011

Readers are also being asked to give away copies of their own favourites in the same manner, with a bookplate sticker available to provide a message for the new owner. It's all very interactive with people encouraged to upload pictures of their book being released into the wild, and a map where you can add the location for others to be able to find them. Recipients are asked to review the book on a dedicated page.

I love this idea, and would be delighted to stumble across a random book chosen by someone else. I'll be checking the map to see if anyone else in my neck of the woods has been as inspired as me, and later will be hunting my shelves to find a book I love that I'm prepared to give away. I've already decided leaving it at a railway station is probably a bad idea, what are the chances it would end up in lost property! I was thinking instead my local beach cafe might be a good bet. Someone might want to replicate my day today, laying on the beach, in the sun, reading so I think there'd be a taker.

I have seen some mutterings that it is taking the premise of Book Crossing without due credit but I haven't come across that before, so probably shouldn't comment. Either way this book treasure hunt has me all enthusiastic, is anyone else planning on taking part?


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea - you will have to let us know if you find something! Good luck!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

TC said...

I have my book ready to leave for the finding. I'm passing on The Water Men by Adelaide MacKenzie Fuss, and I think appropriately my husband is going to leave it at a main railway station on a platform that the train to Newquay (known as a surfing place) goes through. Will let you know if I find one or if I hear from whoever finds my book.