Saturday, 10 September 2011

Scott Nicholson Giveaway - The Gorge & Winner of Troubled.

As part of Scott's Be Nicholson's Agent month (where he is giving away 15% of his e-book earnings for Sept) he has agreed to take part in some giveaways here at Booked Up. We are giving away one of his e-books each week this month. I have just drawn a winner for the first giveaway, Troubled, and the winner is...

drumroll please...

TN Nascar Fan!

Expect to get an email from Scott about your e-book soon.

The GorgeThis week Scott & I are giving away an e-book of his novel The Gorge.
"Bowie Whitlock and a team of celebrity athletes is commissioned to test two experimental rafts in the rugged Unegama Wilderness Gorge in the remote Appalachian Mountains, considered the most dangerous whitewater rapids in the eastern United States. Photographer Dove Krueger, Bowie's occasional lover, is there to document the journey. The expedition is tense from the start as jealousy, romance, and money are riding on the mission's success.

FBI agent Jim Castle and his partner are in the gorge looking for Ace Goodall, a deranged abortion clinic bomber. Ace, accompanied by a fragile young woman, is having visions that guide his murderous behavior. A trip-wire around his camp detonates a rigged explosive, tearing apart part of a cliff wall and exposing a long-hidden vampire species to the world.

The race is on as dark storm clouds gather, the river is swollen, and Ace hijacks the rafting expedition to make his escape. But the bloodthirsty creatures swooping down from the high cliffs have been too long without prey.

Ace has one more bomb.
God is talking to him.
It's raining again, and his young companion is pregnant.
And killing isn't what it used to be, because the dead no longer stay dead."

This giveaway is open to anyone, and the deadline for entries is Sat 17th Sept at 12 noon (BST) All you need to do to enter is fill in the form below. Email addresses will only be used to contact the winner and send their book to them. The e-book is available in all the main formats, but if you have any questions on that front please let me know. Even if you don't have an e-reader don't forget free apps are available for computers and mobile/cell phones so you don't miss out.

If you want to get extra entries you can have another one for tweeting "I want to #BeNicholsonsAgent and win his books with @TCBookedUp & @hauntedcomputer" and a third for mentioning the promotion and giveaway on your blog. The contest is open to everyone, but I'd love it if you want to follow the blog or my Twitter feed too! The winner will be selected by

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