Thursday, 8 September 2011

Book Review: The Tunnelers by Geoff Gander

The TunnelersLooking for a short story in the horror vein? Look no further. Psychiatrist Dr. Vincent Armstrong is on shift when a traumatised mine foreman is admitted to his care, apparently after witnessing a terrible accident. Once the victim starts to remember what remember what happened and reveal the details, Armstrong becomes almost obsessed with the case, and his research uncovers legends and information that threaten his until then wholly scientific view of the world. Gradually he comes to understand that it's true that it's not paranoia when they really are after you.

I loved this story. I thought it was cleverly presented as a chronological series of notes written by Dr. Armstrong as he uncovers the truth behind an old myth and begins to feel threatened himself. This is a tense, terse and pacey thriller, that is well-polished and dragged me in from the word go. There isn't a great deal to say about the characters as it is predominantly plot driven, but I could certainly feel the Dr start to question his previously well-constructed world view and imagine the horror he was uncovering. It took me no time at all to read, partly because there was no way I was going to spend part of my commute looking out the window when I was so compelled to find out what the heck was going on.

Format: Kindle, review copy
My Rating: 5*


Nik said...

I too enjoyed this story... or was it just a story?
Nik Morton

TC said...

I have asked the author how much comes from legend, how much is purely his imagination and how much is not just fiction!

Anonymous said...

It might be better if you *didn't* know the full truth! ;-)