Friday, 17 December 2010

Book review: Unholy Angels by Karen Fenech

I was lucky enough to win this book in a giveaway and was delighted to have a crime thriller by an author who is new to me on my kindle.

As far as Liz Janssen was concerned her marriage to Peter had been over for a long time, and the couple had separated. When she finds her ex-husband to be dead, ruled to be a case of suicide, she doesn't feel to blame. However their son Will feels his beloved father's death is down to her demand for a divorce and becomes increasingly angry at her. Fuelling his anger are his father's friends, members of a satanic cult, who recruit him in place of his dad.

Sheriff Doug McBride has returned to his home town of Branville with ghosts to lay to rest. He becomes close to Liz having become involved in the investigation into Peter's death. He is also trying to figure out whether a series of strange events in the town are connected. However in trying to save her son Liz feels unable to trust Doug and the story moves to a dramatic climax.

The story is primarily told from Liz and Doug's viewpoints. I thought she was a strong character, I felt able to empathise with her as a mum desperate to save her relationship with her son. I found him likeable and the supporting characters were well written. This is a genre I particularly like and, although I can't put a finger on exactly why, this book generally reminded me of the style of Karin Slaughter, one of my "stuck in a rut" favourites.

Having finished the book I am slightly bemused by the note that some content may be disturbing. I didn't find anything detailed that was worse than you might find in other books of the same style, so I hope this wouldn't put anyone off. I will certainly be taking a look at other titles by Karen Fenech.

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