Saturday, 11 December 2010

Review: IVRRAC by Peter R Jordan

Simon is a serial killer who has just been imprisoned for the longest sentence in New Zealand's history. However when he is offered a get out of jail card, in the form of IVRRAC's rehabilitation programme, he jumps at the chance without checking the small print.

He is moved to Trentsworth, holiday destination and playground for the rich - the very people Simon has been targeting as self-appointed avenger of the poor. It becomes his new prison, and he immediately starts to plot his escape. However he falls in love with Kyndrea, a "richie" who is the type of person he previously despised, and discovers that IVRRAC is not all it seems.

I'd hate to reveal too much and spoil it for anyone else, so I'll just say this is part thriller/mystery, with a bit of romance and a bit of sci-fi (actually probably closer to sci-fact) If you're not a sci-fi fan don't let that description put you off though.

I enjoyed the development of Simon's character and finding out exactly what was what with IVVRAC. This was one of those books where I had to make myself put it down and was always trying to find some time to pick it up again, so that has to be a serious recommendation.

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