Saturday, 4 December 2010

My first blog!

Oooh, first post ever! I'm a Facebook enthusiast but have never tweeted or blogged so this is all quite new to me. So why start now? Well, not so long ago my lovely husband paid attention to a few less than gentle hints that I'd like a Kindle for my birthday and hey presto, beautifully wrapped (in the original Amazon box), there it was as the clock struck midnight. I've always loved books but over the last couple of years time has been short and I've not managed to read so much. This probably has something to do with my one year old daughter as much as anything else.

However since my birthday my enthusiasm has been rekindled and I'm now reading more than ever. This time there's a difference though. Instead of my old rut, reading the same authors over and over, I'm now discovering new authors and some fantastic books. I wanted a way to keep track of what I am reading but could do without more notebooks cluttering up the place so this seemed like the way to go. Hopefully it might give other readers some ideas, and no doubt I'll be following other peoples' blogs searching for inspiration.

I have been browsing the Amazon Kindle forums and finding plenty of great suggestions for books to try, and have discovered on there how important reviews and word of mouth recommendations are to new and indie authors in particular. In a way then maybe this blog will be giving a little back to the authors who have written the books I enjoy.

Calling the blog Booked Up is a reflection on the state of my diary and my kindle, the former full of baby related appointments, the latter nowhere near full but with an ever lengthening To Read list.

That'll have to be all for now, nap time is over which means it must be nearly lunchtime. Back soon to start getting some reviews and more musing on here!


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