Monday 4 April 2011

Book Review: Deed to Death by D B Henson

Deed to Death

This book is D B Henson's first, and one I picked up a while ago as a freebie. Scott Chadwick is found dead on the site of a hotel his firm is building, having fallen from the top floor. Immediately it is treated as suicide, despite the fact he was due to marry in less than 72 hours time. The only person who questions this is fiancee Toni Matthews who is convinced he either fell or was pushed. Having buried her fiancee on the day she was supposed to be married she is determined to prove everyone wrong. However in her attempts to uncover what happened she puts herself in danger.
This felt like quite a short novel, I read it in a matter of hours over the course of one day, but it is a respectable length so I think this shows I found it an easy and enjoyable read. There were plenty of twists in the plot, and a myriad of suspects. As I read I came up with plenty of motives for the various characters and in some cases I was right, in others not so much.

I liked Toni, I could empathise with the position she was in, with friends and the Police all ignoring what she had to say but convinced she was on to something, and not knowing who to trust. I really wanted a happy ending for her, or at least as happy as possible in the circumstances. The other characters had much less depth but as the book is from her viewpoint and I knew understand their motivation it wasn't a big concern. Despite all the twists and turns the plot was easy to follow.

I liked the author's writing style, I didn't think there were a lot of words wasted with flowery descriptions of the surroundings, and this helped advance the story at a decent pace. In addition there were very few typos, which should go without saying but sadly not always the case with e-books.

This book wasn't challenging and I wasn't exactly blindsided by any of the revelations in the plot but it was a quick and easy read that I liked. The worst thing about the book was the slightly naff title! As a footnote I got this as a kindle freebie but at present it only appears to be available on Amazon as a paperback for pre-order with a publication date in July 2011. After doing a bit of research it appears having self-published this for the kindle and doing so well with it the author was taken on by a publisher. Well done to DB Henson.

Format: Kindle, freebie
My Rating: 3*

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