Reviews - A to Z by Author

Following is a list of the books I have reviewed on the blog. It's not yet comprehensive, as it's taking a while to add them all, but I'm working on it!

Anderson, Steve - The Losing Role

Atkinson, Thea - Formed of Clay

Baker, Kevin - Head Games

Boss, Mark - Dead Girl

                - Hired Guns

Brauer, Laurence - A Summer in the High Sierra

Brayton, Stephen - Beta

Brooks, Darik - Trinity of the Sun

Cairns, Warwick - In Praise of Savagery

Carroll Patrick, Mary - The Saintmaker

Cartmell, Wendy - Steps to Heaven

Charlton, Karen - Catching the Eagle

Chisnell, Mark - The Defector

                    - The Fulcrum Files

Christensen, Nathan Lee - Cedardale Court

                            - On Dark Shores 1: The Lady

                            - On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia

Coake Christopher - You Came Back

Coelho, Paulo - The Alchemist

Collis, Paul - The Wrinkly

Conway, James - The Vagabond King

Connor, Cat - Flashbyte

Cooper, Ali -  The Girl on the Swing

Cornford, Dave - Cracks in the Ceiling

Cragg, Sheila - All the Secret Things

Craig, Brent - Matter of Faith

Cummings, Tim - ORPHANS stories

Cunningham, John H. - Red Right Return

Cussler, Clive - Crescent Dawn

Daley, Christine - Seranfyll

                       - Eligere (Seranfyll, Book 2)

Dalton, Sheila - The Girl in the Box

Damon, Wyatt - Advent - Angels of the Night 

Davies, J. D - The Mountain of Gold

Dennis, Bryan R. - An Epitaph for Coyote

Dickens, Charles - A Christmas Carol

Dodd, Colin - What Smiled at Him

Drollinger, K - Enthralled

Duck, Philip Thomas - Distracted

Dunn, Bryan - Creepers

Faulks, Sebastian - Birdsong

Fenech, Karen - Unholy Angels

Ferrante, Bonnie - Dawn's End Poisoned

Fields Jr., J. - Casino Shuffle

Fitzgerald, Mary - Richard Wilde

Fleming, David Wallace - Growing Up Wired

Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl

Forster, Rebecca - Hostile Witness

Fortes, Susana - Waiting for Robert Capa

Fuss, Adelaide MacKenzie - The Water Men

Gander, Geoff - The Tunnelers

Gaughran, David - If You Go Into the Woods

                        - A Storm Hits Valparaiso

                                    - Transfection

Gibson, Marcus - The Dead See

Goodman, Eric D. - Tracks (A Novel in Stories)

Griffiths, Elly - The House at Sea's End

Grossmith, George & Weedon - Diary of a Nobody

Hamerton, Greg - The Riddler's Gift

Hamric, Zack - Blank Slate ( Kyle Jackle series)

Hanberg, Erik - The Saints Go Dying

                     - The Marinara Murders

Harney, Jack - The Millstone Prophecy

Harssan, Lars - When the River has Run

Harvey, Emily Sue - Space

Heinz, Ann Nolder - Last Stop Freedom

Howard, J. Stephen  - Fear In Appleton

                                           - Frankenstein's Confessional

Hubbard, Janet - Champagne: The Farewell

Hutcheson, Alan - Boomerang

Ingalls, Rob - The Tibetan Talisman

Ishiguro, Kazuo - The Remains of the Day

James, Kristy K. - Enza

Jordan, Peter R. - IVRRAC

Kata, Stephen - Renouncing the Future

Kaul, Ratan - Wings of Freedom

Kerkhoven, Rudolf & Pitts, Daniel - The Redemption of Mr Sturlubok

Koontz, Dean - Darkness Under the Sun

Lane, Jeremy Mark - While I'm Still Myself

Lane, Leigh M - World Mart

Lawrence, J.T - The Memory of Water

Leather, Stephen - The Basement

Lowder, J.E - Tears of Min Brock

Lowthert, Lori - Instrument of Evil

Lumley, Bill - The Reluctant Traveller

Lynn, Matt - Black Ops: Libya

McDonald, Mary - No Good Deed

MacPherson, R.K - Antigone's Fall

Martel, Yann - Life of Pi

McGuire, M.T - Few Are Chosen

Miller, A.D - Snowdrops

Mills, Caroline - The Camping Pocket Bible

Morris, Stan - Surviving the Fog

Nabokov, Vladimir - Lolita

Ness, Patrick - The New World

Neumyer, Scott - Jimmy Stone's Ghost Town

Newman, Kevin - Fey Girl

Nichols, Peter -  A Voyage for Madmen

Nicholson, Scott - Creative Spirit

                                   - Liquid Fear

Pearson, John - Learn Me Good

Peretti, Frank - Illusion

Revellian, Lexi - Remix

Rocklin, David - The Luminist

Royes, Gillian - The Goat Woman of Largo Bay

Ryan, Gordon - State of Rebellion (Pug Connor series, No 1)

                     - Uncivil Liberties (Pug Connor series, No 2)

                     - To Faithfully Execute (Pug Connor series, No 3)

Ryeland, Kenneth - The Up-Country Man

Schwartz, Tom - Wrongly Accused

                      - Fourth Reich Rising

Shelley, Mary - Frankenstein 

Smith, Helen - Alison Wonderland

                   - Being Light

                   - Showstoppers

Street, Micki - Before the Daisies Grow 

Subrizi, Michael - Lust Demented
Sweeney, Sean  - Model Agent

                        - Rogue Agent

Trelfer, Dan - The Flathunter

Ward-Nanney, David - Powder Dreams

Waters, L E - Infinite Sacrifice

Weiner, Michael S. - The Scar

West, C J - Addicted to Love

West, Elizabeth Ann - Cancelled

Whyte, Patsy - No Easy Road

Winner, Pete & Kennedy, Michael - Soldier I

Woodburn, P.A. - Cries in the Dark

Wright, Iain Rob - Animal Kingdom

Young-Turner, Cindy - Thief of Hope