Monday, 6 June 2011

Book Review: Hell of a Salesman by Timothy Brooks

Hell of a SalesmanThis book was described to me as a comic memoir, fictionalised (to protect the innocent?), of the author's time working in recruitment in London.  As an "an accurate depiction, and searing indictment, of life in a modern sales company" I was interested to see whether sales work was really as tough as I've always imagined it to be.

Tim has completed university, worked a few jobs and decided it is time to knuckle down and earn some serious money. He decides a sales job is the best way to achieve that goal and starts looking for a job. The book takes us on his journey through torturous interview to his new job at Haywood Fryston and follows his career as he progresses as a salesman. The book presents a picture of a testosterone filled, demanding environment where to be successful you probably need to check your conscience at the door.

Told in the first person from Tim's viewpoint I found him an amusing narrator and warmed to him and his honesty. Some of the characters are truly odious but no doubt not uncommon in the circles the book is set in. I also really felt for poor new boy Jerry. Parts had me chuckling, especially the daft sayings of the managers, but behind it all is a tale of morality and it is more than just an amusing memoir. While it did end at a point where he had a bit of an epiphany, at the end of Tim's first year of a three year stint, I found the ending a little bit abrupt and was hoping for more.

I found this book really enjoyable, and found myself racing through it and staying up late to read "just a bit more" Let it serve as a cautionary note to anyone who thinks there is easy money to be made in sales!

Format: Kindle, review copy
My Rating: 4*

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