Friday, 18 February 2011

Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday

It's my favourite day of the week again, no work until next week, a couple of memes to join in with and I've got a new author interview for you. Unfortunately I won't be out to play next Friday, visiting family, so I'll just have to make the most of it this week!

Parajunkee hosts Follow Friday, providing a great feature each week and getting book bloggers together. This week's question is :

If you are a fan of Science Fiction what is your favorite book? If you haven't read Science Fiction before...any inkling to? Anything catch your eye?

Got to admit Sci Fi isn't really my thing, although I'll dip a toe into any genre if I find a book that tempts me. In the past I have read a few Iain M Banks novels but they didn't set my world on fire. If it makes any sense I don't mind books with a leaning towards to sci-fi but I'm not into the full on ones.

Book Blogger HopThe Book Blogger Hop isn't available on as I type, so more of that later. EDIT: The post has finally appeared and this week's question is - What book(s) would you like to see turned into a movie?

That's a hard one, there are lots of books with good plots for a film but how well they convert over I don't know. I could see Mary McDonald's No Good Deed making a good film with someone like Matt Damon playing Mark Taylor. With the recent taste for nostalgia I could see Richard Wilde by Mary Fitzgerald making a good family saga type film too.


Two Bibliomaniacs said...

We've only read a couple of the big names in the world Sci-fi. There're too many other great genres!

Kyanara_BJD said...


Thnx for the follow!
I am following you back!

Have a nice weekend!

Unknown said...

Hello thank you for visiting my blog! I'm a new follower, have a great weekend!

barmybex said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend!!!!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Happy FRiday!!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I've heard of Ian Banks. I should look him up further.
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TC said...

Alison, he writes under two names, Iain Banks and Iain M Banks. I really like the first style - The Wasp Factory and similar, but find the Iain M Banks sci-fi stuff a bit beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog!.

If you are looking for a science fiction author to try, I'll suggest Connie Willis, probably To Say Nothing of the Dog. She's good, and not too scifi-y ;-).

Tishia Mackey said...

Just hoppin' through - I am now a follower :)

Unknown said...

Matt Damon? Hmm...never considered him. Leonardo DiCaprio would be good except he's blond. I see Kyle Chandler in the Jim Sheridan role.