Monday, 21 February 2011

Free e-book thriller - The End of Marking Time by CJ West

CJ has been giving away copies of The End of Marking Time on Amazon's kindle forums. I just received my copy of the book and the accompanying email pointed out he is aiming to give away a huge 50,000 copies. Here's part of CJ's email to put you in the picture about the book and the giveaway:

Want to know about this thriller before you open it?

I like to say it is “a modern 1984 meets Prison Break”

Michael O’Connor is trapped in a Plexiglass cube facing a darkened window. He speaks to you as if you know him because he believes you’ve been watching him for months and are tasked with deciding his fate. The mystery of this book is not only who Michael thinks you are, but who is behind the window and what fate they will choose for Michael.

(57) 5 star reviews can't all be wrong.

"... West has brilliantly portrayed a world gone crazy where the rule is there are no rules, or are they.  Crime fiction meets science fiction in this awesome thriller." 10/10
--Book Bitch

"Powerful, thought provoking and massively entertaining...

I loved this book and the way it made me root for someone who I knew I shouldn't like."

If your friend has sent you a version that’s incompatible with your e-reader or computer, you can request your own .mobi, .ebpub, .lrf, or .pdf, by sending a request to me: authors (at) 22wb dot com.

You may also mention this giveaway on your blog or any social media page.


CJ West

So if it sounds like your thing drop him an email. It's a book I'm looking forward to reading and will hopefully be reviewing here soon.

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